Payonomy releases new Credit Card Application for Salesforce

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PayonCard is the latest native card payment application to be released from leading Salesforce ISV Partner Payonomy. Building on the success of their previous Card Application, Payonomy’s latest application connects it’s clients into the Payonomy Payment Gateway which then connects to over 20 Merchant Acquirers. PayonCard is a unique offering as it provides its users… Read more »

Payonomy welcomes Gillian O’Connor

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Payonomy is delighted to welcome Gillian O’Connor to the team. Gillian brings a wealth of experience to Payonomy with over 10 years of technical and client focussed roles at IBM. Not only a highly experienced IT professional but was in the first cohort to graduate from Salesforce Supermums programme run by Economic Change Gillian joins Payonomy… Read more »

Invest Africa collects Worldwide recurring revenue inside Salesforce

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Founded in 2013 Invest Africa was set up as a platform for business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs to gain insight and exposure to information and opportunities from Africa.   Invest Africa is a private membership organisation consisting of a network of key industry decision makers all with a common interest in Africa. When Invest Africa needed… Read more »

Avoid the Direct Debit Naughty Step

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Just a quick update to remind those processing Direct Debits of the ‘Non Processing Days’ for the pending Easter Holiday period. A simple google search will give you plenty of ‘bad news’ stories where Direct Debits were collected on the wrong date due to Bank Holidays and Non Processing Days. So please review the details… Read more »

Recurring revenue and Salesforce

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Helping our clients to collect recurring revenue from inside the single view of Salesforce CRM is core to our business. Being able to provide secure, efficient and cost effective collection solutions that sit inside Salesforce CRM help our clients to embrace and adopt technologies that minimise errors, reduce waste and maximise the opportunity for their… Read more »

Revinate select the SlimPay SEPA Direct Debit App from Payonomy

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Revinate is a rapidly growing SaaS start-up based in Silicon Valley [San Francisco, USA]. They help hotels know more about their guests so they can deliver personalised experiences that create valuable relationships and lifelong customers. Early in 2016 Revinate approached Payonomy with a requirement to integrate SEPA Direct Debit with their FinancialForce application. The business… Read more »

…looking for a change? we’re hiring!

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As we plan for 2017, we are looking to add another member to our already fantastic team of Payment and Salesforce experts. This is a hybrid role that will include new business development, project management, consultancy and integration services. Whether you are an experienced Salesforce Administrator looking for that opportunity to get into integration and consultancy projects… Read more »

Public consultation into Direct Debit

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Payonomy is helping to spread the word about the recently launched public consultation into Direct Debits. Almost nine out of ten British adults have at least one Direct Debit commitment, and nearly three-quarters of household bills are paid this way. Direct Debit is an integral part of the UK economy, and while Direct Debit usage has never… Read more »

Are you able to W.F.H ?

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def: – W.F.H (Working From Home) As we start to look forward to the Christmas break, my children are asking me if we will get snow this year. Just the word of snow will send shivers [literally] down the spine of some of those reading this article, but for what reason? We are often reminded of… Read more »

SlimPay partners with Salesforce Direct Debit experts Payonomy

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UK based payments experts Payonomy have been selected as the preferred partner by Europe’s leading SEPA Direct Debit payment provider SlimPay. The partnership will provide organisations using Salesforce CRM with a feature rich and native Salesforce Application allowing them to collect recurring SEPA Direct Debits from 34 countries, all within the single view of their… Read more »

DiamondAir VIP Airport Concierge partners Payonomy

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DiamondAir is the world’s leading provider of luxury airport services delivering a first class experience on the ground in almost 500 airports and rail stations worldwide. When the team at DiamondAir needed a world leading Salesforce Application to take both single and recurring Credit Card payments from inside their Salesforce Org there was only one… Read more »

Homeless Link selects Payonomy

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London based Charity Homeless Link selects Payonomy as their payments partner for their Salesforce CRM platform. Homeless Link is the national membership charity for organisations working directly with people who become homeless in England. The amazing team work to make services better and campaign for policy change that will help end homelessness. For more details click here… Read more »

Collecting the wrong amount – A Direct Debit Nightmare

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  It’s never an enjoyable situation when a company or a charity collects the wrong amount or collects a Direct Debit on the wrong day. In many cases those relatively ‘small’ amounts collected a day or two earlier than expected are a little inconvenient and leave a bitter taste in the mouth, but generally they will… Read more »

UK & SEPA Direct Debit for Salesforce & Financial Force

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    Automotive data is at the heart of Payonomy’s client, EurotaxGlass’s Group. With offices based in 29 countries the team at EurotaxGlass needed to ensure they were able to collect both their UK and SEPA Direct Debit subscriptions from a single platform whilst integrating into both Salesforce and Financial Force. Payments Partner – It was vital that the selected partner would… Read more »

ALONE – collects recurring SEPA Direct Debits inside Salesforce

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Based in Dublin, Ireland, you will find a fantastic charity that looks to support their ageing population. ALONE is a national organisation that helps older people in need to age at home. In 2016, ALONE selected Payonomy to assist them in a project that required the ongoing collection of SEPA Direct Debits.  After discussing the project in… Read more »