def: – W.F.H (Working From Home)

As we start to look forward to the Christmas break, my children are asking me if we will get snow this year. Just the word of snow will send shivers [literally] down the spine of some of those reading this article, but for what reason?

We are often reminded of how the UK draws to a halt when the word snow is mentioned. Although initially the excitement for the children not going to school diminishes when they realise that the world they live in today allows for an online presence into their schools academic infrastructure via cloud technologies.


If our children are capable of WFH [homework, revision!] then surely we need to be capable of working remotely from the business.

As working adults some of us are already comfortable and set up to ‘work from home’, so when the snow falls, the train is cancelled or the office has been closed due to flood!] there is NO CHANGE with regards to accessing the VPN, the Cloud and the organisations infrastructure. In reality is business as usual, (so no snow day for me then!)

Whilst others that are dependent on onsite hardware and traditional business infrastructures struggle to find a ‘work from home attitude’ as the infrastructure they are trying to connect to has not been set up for them, or the ‘software’ they are trying to connect to requires your smart card (that was left in the normal) or you need to be onsite to use that particular software solution (typically Direct Debit and Payment software).

We are the generation that are embracing Cloud Technologies, you, like me should be embracing the cloud and getting set up to work from anywhere.

Fortunately Payonomy clients use the power of the cloud to access their Direct Debt software, so through our partner network which includes, Salesforce, SlimPay [], Wirefast [], we can provide a Business and normal environment.


thanks for reading.