Direct Debit

Payonomy is helping to spread the word about the recently launched public consultation into Direct Debits.

Almost nine out of ten British adults have at least one Direct Debit commitment, and nearly three-quarters of household bills are paid this way.

Direct Debit is an integral part of the UK economy, and while Direct Debit usage has never been higher, the team behind Direct Debit is committed to ensuring that this trusted and market-leading product continues to meet the future needs of all consumers and thousands of businesses alike, remaining a payment method of choice.

The public consultation into Direct Debit will help Bacs understand the business challenges and customer needs today and in the future –establishing where Direct Debit is working well and where there is potential to adopt changes to enhance the product still further.

Please take some time to fill in this online survey and have your say in the future of the UK’s leading automated payment method.