Helping our clients to collect recurring revenue from inside the single view of Salesforce CRM is core to our business. Being able to provide secure, efficient and cost effective collection solutions that sit inside Salesforce CRM help our clients to embrace and adopt technologies that minimise errors, reduce waste and maximise the opportunity for their clients to pay in a way that suits them.

We wanted to highlight how one of our clients [one of the largest and fastest growing Housing Associations in London] has continually worked with the team at Payonomy to adopt innovative ways to collect recurring revenues.

Direct Debit Growth

The annual collection value is now in excess of £117 million pounds, this equates to over 42% of residents paying the correct amount ‘on time, every time’ for their housing rent. By offering flexible collection dates has allowed the residents to select a date that best suits their personal budgets [it may be a surprise to some of you reading, but not everyone gets paid on the 25th of each month]. By introducing Direct Debit has allowed the Housing Association to streamline their internal processes which as also provided a saving on operating costs. The initial set up, validation and management of all Direct Debits take place inside the single view of Salesforce [via the Payonomy native applications]


Housing Association

With the prediction of 40% growth in new builds each year for the next 4 years the current Direct Debit infrastructure is well placed to manage this predicted growth.

Card Payments

Ensuring our clients are adhering to the PCI DSS rules is crucial – during a catch up meeting we discussed the issues of PCI DSS compliance and how best to put a solution in place that would not only protect both the resident and the housing association but to also streamline the current ‘bumpy’ process that was already in place. In 2015 Payonomy and our partner PCIPAL introduced a 24/7 IVR [Interactive voice response] and PCIPAL’s Agent Assist to allow residents to pay via card over the telephone at a time that suited them.

Agent Assist has provided this client will a fully compliant PCI DSS environment.


Online Payments Portal

In 2016 Payonomy introduced an online payments portal to allow for residents to log on to a secure portal to pay their rent. All solutions introduced are integrated securely inside of Salesforce with all payment data being presented back inside Salesforce to allow for the rental officer to see up to date information on each of their residents. 2016 saw nearly 90,000 card payments being taken across the IVR, PCIPAL and online portal, this equated to a collection value of approximately £27 million.

The solutions Payonomy and our partners have introduced into the clients Salesforce CRM, has not only shown significant operational savings, but allowed the existing staff to spend more time looking after the residents and ensuring each resident is up to date with their rent.

If you would like to know more about the Payonomy suite of applications for Salesforce or how we can provide a PCI DSS Compliant infrastructure for your Salesforce environment please fill out the online form by clicking here.


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