Invest Africa

Founded in 2013 Invest Africa was set up as a platform for business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs to gain insight and exposure to information and opportunities from Africa.


Invest Africa is a private membership organisation consisting of a network of key industry decision makers all with a common interest in Africa.

When Invest Africa needed a native Salesforce application to collect revenues in multiple currencies they approached Salesforce Payments experts Payonomy. We suggested the introduction of the Payonomy PayonCard application which would allow them to take Credit Card payments in a PCI DSS compliant manner directly inside their Salesforce environment.

Payonomy PayonCard ensure all the relevant data was available inside of their Salesforce Org allowing their membership team to have up to date and relevant information sitting inside the single view of Salesforce.


Worldwide Membership Requirement

Paul Richardson, CEO “ With a worldwide member investor base it is important that we have a seamless member on boarding process and Payonomy has been able to provide the perfect solution when it comes to recurring card payments”.

To find out more about Invest Africa, listen to a short message from their Chairman Rob Hersov

How Payonomy can help you

Having the ability to manage your members and their membership fees directly inside of Salesforce allows all your data to remain in the single, secure cloud of Salesforce. Payonomy applications are native to Salesforce and can be integrated into your business logic to provide a smooth and automated process.

If your business is using Salesforce and you would like to start collecting recurring revenue from your clients, then contact the team at Payonomy for more information.