“…Hey, can you help me?, I need to take recurring revenue from my clients. My clients are based all over Europe, where do I start, I’ve looked at the SEPA DD Core Rule book and I’ve lost the will to proceed……..”


This is not an uncommon email for Payonomy to receive from both UK and European companies. We are now living in the recurring revenue / billing era and companies want to embrace SEPA DD but struggle to find a partner and solution that meets their business needs.

In short, if you are using Salesforce and want to collect SEPA DD then we have the perfect solution that will remove the guess work from your project.


A Great Partnership


Earlier this year Payonomy announced it’s partnership with leading SEPA DD processor SlimPay, the result is a native Salesforce Application that will manage your SEPA DD collections in the single view of your Salesforce Org.

Users of this new application SlimPay SEPA DD Application for Salesforce will be able to integrate their business logic into this native Salesforce Application.



Payonomy will work with your Salesforce / SageLive / FinancialForce integrations partners to ensure that your business logic requirements can benefit from the introduction of this excellent application.

For more information on this application please contact the team at 


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