Research published by HMRC shows that 25% of the value of donations did not have Gift Aid added to them where the donor was eligible, contributing up

to £0.56bn to the value of unclaimed Gift Aid.

The report is worth reading and gives some great insight.

Analysis of Gift Aid behaviour among donors identified two key issues at the heart of errors in the Gift Aid scheme: [direct quote from the report]

1. Misunderstanding of Gift Aid and what it means to be a taxpayer/ how to qualify as someone eligible to add Gift Aid

2. Lack of consistent opportunity to add Gift Aid to donations.

Gift Aid Capture

Here at Payonomy, we appreciate how complicated Gift Aid can be but we believe the starting point for every donation should be the capture of the Gift Aid declaration.

Payonomy Applications for Salesforce CRM provide a single payment route for donors and allows for Gift Aid capture directly on the payment/checkout pages.

Integration with the NFPSP our solutions can provide collections of funds via:

  • UK Direct Debit
  • SEPA Direct Debit
  • ACH [USA]
  • Card Payments

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