Avoid the Direct Debit Naughty Step

Just a quick update to remind those processing Direct Debits of the ‘Non Processing Days’ for the pending Easter Holiday period. A simple google search will give you plenty of ‘bad news’ stories where Direct Debits were collected on the wrong date due to Bank Holidays and Non Processing Days. So please review the details… Read more »

Are you able to W.F.H ?

def: – W.F.H (Working From Home) As we start to look forward to the Christmas break, my children are asking me if we will get snow this year. Just the word of snow will send shivers [literally] down the spine of some of those reading this article, but for what reason? We are often reminded of… Read more »

Collecting the wrong amount – A Direct Debit Nightmare

  It’s never an enjoyable situation when a company or a charity collects the wrong amount or collects a Direct Debit on the wrong day. In many cases those relatively ‘small’ amounts collected a day or two earlier than expected are a little inconvenient and leave a bitter taste in the mouth, but generally they will… Read more »

Important Information regarding Bacs Software

From 13 June 2016 Bacs will only support communication that supports TLS 1.1 and 1.2 along with the new security certificate SHA2. In short, the internet community is adopting a new security certification called SHA2, in addition to this Bacs is withdrawing support for older connection protocols to is services.   You may be asking,… Read more »

Bacs & Direct Debit Contingency – Do you have a plan?

Payonomy provide users of the Salesforce CRM platform with applications to manage both Direct Debits / Bacs and Credit Card Payments. During our time with potential clients we always evaluate their current Bacs Processes to find out if there are any obviously short falls that may result in their Bacs/Direct Debit files not being sent… Read more »

Will you be brave and tear up your TAX DISC?

To me the TAX DISC represents more than the monetary value that is paid, it provides a whole host of memories and emotions ranging from fear, guilt, relief and frustration. Today (1st October) we will no longer need to display the round disc that represents the annual 45 minute queue in the post office, clutching… Read more »

Pulling the plug on Bacs Software

Over the past few years we have seen an increasing number of Bacs Software providers deciding to end of life their current range of software solutions, which has resulted in thousands of companies having to either take the ‘upgrade’ or look for a better valued solution. This seems to be a growing trend in the… Read more »