Today’s Challenge

As the popularity of Direct Debit grows, organisations need to be correctly equipped to manage the rules and guidelines of the Direct Debit Scheme. A second requirement is how and where to onboard new clients, members or donors in a way that will enhance the user journey.

Here at Payonomy, we understand Direct Debits and we understand Salesforce. Combining the two provides a feature-rich environment to manage the entire Direct Debit life cycle.

Our Direct Debit Application for Salesforce is being used by both the Commercial and Not for Profit sectors. If you are planning on using the Salesforce Not for Profit Success Pack, NGO Connect, SageLIVE or you are having your Salesforce Org built from the ground up, then our applications will fit seamlessly into your business logic and provide the perfect solution.

Where ever you are on your Direct Debit journey we believe we are best placed to help you on this journey.

Easily manage your Direct Debit process inside of Salesforce with Payonomy.


UK Direct Debit

With our Direct Debit Application for Salesforce you can manage the entire Direct Debit process all from within the single view of Salesforce. From the initial on boarding of new clients, validation of bank details and auto submission of files to Bacs, the Payonomy Direct Debit Application will assist you in reducing Direct Debit errors and provide you with an AUDDIS and PAPERLESS ready environment, all within your Salesforce Org.

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SEPA Direct Debit

In addition to UK DD, we can also provide access to SEPA DD



Features & Benefits

  • A Salesforce approved application.
  • Sits inside your Salesforce org.
  • Fully AUDDIS and PAPERLESS ready
  • Real time validation of Account and Sort Code validation
  • Adheres to the Direct Debit Scheme Rules
  • ADDACS, ARUDDS message handing.
  • Payment History – each transaction is written to the core application.
  • Integrates with Financial Force / SageLive
  • Automated Processing.
  • Straight through processing to Bacs For UK Direct Debits.

Why Chose Payonomy Direct Debit Application?

  • Salesforce ISV Partner
  • Salesforce and AppExchange Certified
  • Supports UK Direct Debit Scheme Rules
  • AUDDIS & Paperless Originator compliant
  • Bacs Affiliate
  • SEPA ready
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Secure environment
  • UK Support Team

Today’s Challenge

Any organisation that is taking Card Payments needs to ensure adherence to PCI DSS standards. Handling Card information correctly is a vital process when looking at how you are going to take and manage Card Payments.


Card payments

We make taking Card Payments inside your Salesforce environment or via your Web Site straight forward and easy whilst providing a secure PCI DSS environment.  Our Salesforce Application allows your team to take card payments either over the telephone or via your Web Pages. Empower your sales, fundraising or accounts teams to remain in the single view of Salesforce, manage the relationship and take payment in a secure way.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully PCI DSS Compliant
  • MOTO & Ecommerce Ready
  • Integrate easily into your Web Pages with Salesforce
  • Single & Recurring Payments
  • Connect to multiple gateways
  • Multi-currency


Today’s Challenge

Providing an environment to allow both one off and recurring payments will always be a challenge for most organisations. Understanding how your clients prefer to make payment is also important.

Is payment mobilisation a requirement? How will you achieve it? Is it even possible?

As tomorrow is never far away we are always looking at how we can use technologies to enhance and to improve our clients’ collection processes.
If you are looking to mobilise your collection process and need some help come and speak with Payonomy.


Why Choose Payonomy?

  • Salesforce ISV Partner
  • Salesforce AppExchange Certified
  • Seamless integration with your core application
  • Payment Experts
  • Quick and easy to install
  • UK Support Team